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In our language school we have a lot of students aged 6-17, who love English. However, in summer kids feel relaxed and unwilling to sit in the classroom and study. That is why we were lucky to meet Hebe Reilly and ENGage Theatre, who brought the wonderful world of English and drama into our summer camp.The kids were really engaged during sessions, and not only did they practice their English, but under the guidance of the company's teachers they tried their hand at being directors of their own show, as well as actors! Now we've worked together for four years, and our students always look forward to another project with ENGage Theatre. So, if you want an exciting, engaging, fun and fruitful theatre experience, if you want to develop children's imagination, creativity and confidence, do not hesitate a minute to go to ENgage Theatre Arts!

Svetlana Makhotenko

CLASS Language & Study Centre, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

For me, that was wonderful experience, I understood my English abilities, start believe in myself and start talking without doubt. It was kind of a big kick for me to make my English better. Now, I`m reading in original, watching movies and tv-shows with subtitles and speak with native speakers on internet. With your theatre project, I hope, people from all over the world will be friendly and nice to each other.

Gleb (participant)

Summer Camp, Russia, 2017

The first time I worked with Hebe was at the Summer Drama Camp at the Black Sea. I was amazed to witness her enormous creativity while writing a play for 56 children, making costumes, props and eliciting childrens' talents to perform on stage, sing and dance. The children were so engaged in her drama activities, they would prefer to do anything non-stop! Everyone who wished to perform solo in the play, was given a chance. We had such a wonderful collection of brilliant acts in the end. The children's acting abilities really blossomed as well as their English speaking skills.


We were happy to host an English Theatre project in my home town located not far from Moscow in autumn for a week Drama Project during school holidays. She staged another play for 5 days only. It was a fantastic result for the 10-15-year-old children of a small private language school where I work part-time. The parents and the children had never experienced anything of that kind before. While the kids were rehearsing, their mothers were eagerly helping with drawing settings and making costumes. The students who had always been so shy and reserved at regular lessons suddenly started to burst with English. It was an amazing wonder. Nobody wanted to leave the stage after the performance had been over and the kids kept singing the final song again and again. Those were such happy times! We are all looking forward to another English Theatre project.

Nadia Sol

FRIENDS Langauge School, Obninsk, Russia

I had an excellent opportunity to work with Hebe Reilly three times in a Russian summer camp on the basis of the Training Centre CLASS . As a result of her work the shows Einsteins , Hunger Games , Sunny Aliens appeared. Every performance was thoroughly thought-out and unique, because the concepts, topics and scripts were chosen according to the demands of the age- groups, children's interests, their needs and abilities. The children learned to use their bodies, voices, they were also taught how to work with the scripts, the way to work individually and as a team. Last but not least, the children were greatly involved in and encouraged by the acting process and the drama games provided. The ability to hear children is one of  the main qualities that gave such a wonderful outcome. Hope to work with the team again . 

Yulia Bogrova

CLASS Langauge & Study Centre, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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